Make professional sounding podcasts and radio, from anywhere.

Backpack Studio automatically records, mixes, and masters audio in real time. Focus your time and energy on your show, instead of worrying about costly editing and post-production.


Backpack Studio is created by the developer of the former bossjock studio, based on years of refinements and user feedback.

Automatic Mixing.

Record from your mic while simultaneously triggering sounds - intros, background music, and sound effects. The sounds automatically duck and adjust their volume in real time.


A first of it's kind horizontally scrolling soundboard with unlimited soundpads. The pads can be rearranged, or pinned to appear on the same location of every page.

Soundpad Editor.

You are in complete control each individual sound pad. Configure it's size, color, and playback behavior.

Share anywhere.

Audio is podcast ready. Encodes to all popular formats, mp3, wav, m4a, aiff - even video. Publish recordings directly to iCloud, dropbox, Facebook, youtube, FTP, and Libsyn. Or you can simply open in existing app on your phone that accepts audio or video files!

Effects Engine.

Studio quality compression, limiting, and eq algorithms are automatically applied to the live mix loud, studio quality mastered sound. Just press record and backpack does the rest. (voice effects coming soon!)

Unrivaled Mic Support.

Records Bluetooth as well as all usb / external mics like the Apogee Mic, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast and Blue Mikey. Mix the left and right channels, connect multiple mic's, or disable the iOS built in automatic gain control (AGC.)


Battery and cpu optimization optimized for mobile devices. Records in compressed audio (optionally) to save 90% of the drive space of similar apps.


Full VoiceOver compatibility for visually impaired producers. Including custom rotor and magic tap actions developed with the voiceover community.

New Features

Backpack is independently developed and supported by sales, so updates with new features can be counted on for years to come. We listen to users in order to create our feature set and roadmap. You can even vote on our next major feature.

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