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Backpack Studio Releases 2.0 for Podcasters on the Go

The first iOS app granting podcasters ability to record remote guests in studio-quality

Edward P. Filowat
Owner/App Developer
[email protected]

Pittsburgh PA Oct. 22-2021 - Backpack Studio, the popular mobile podcast recorder for iPhone and iPad, has launched its 2.0 version in the App Store. Featured in this update is a 100% mobile remote guest recording and live-streaming platform called Backpack Live. Also featured is a new audio library of royalty-free sounds for podcasters.

Guests and co-hosts can join podcasts and live radio streams through a free new app, Backpack Live, that allows for both iOS and Android users to record and stream with studio-quality sound.

The new sound library consists of thousands of sound effects, bumpers, and jingles created by sound designers who are users of Backpack Studio and uses as a means to provide compensation.

Developer, Ed Filowat, said that the pandemic during the past two years exposed a need for podcasters, formerly tied to studios and equipment, to have a simple, efficient and effective way to podcast and stream in high quality from anywhere.

“Even the most popular podcasts and live radio streams suffered from sound quality issues from being recorded in zoom and unreliable web browser solutions,” said Filowat. “I wanted to build a solution that's integrated into Backpack Studios existing audio engine, and take advantage of the higher quality mics and hardware available in the latest generation of mobile phones and tablets”

Backpack Studio launched in late 2018 and is used by thousands of podcasters and radio DJs. Over the past three years, Filowat has been working closely with users to develop new features based on community feedback.

“Recording remote guests has always been our number one feature request, so I believe that Backpack 2.0 has the potential to be a game-changer for podcasters everywhere,” Filowat said.

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