Backpack Studio
Create professional sounding podcasts and radio, from anywhere.

Live Streaming

• Broadcast live from Backpack Studio to any station via icecast or shoutcast.

• Report live, or DJ from the field, using only your phone!

• Supported bitrates from 32kbps all the way up to 320kbps in mono or stereo.

• Supports all popular streaming formats mp3, ogg vorbis, aac, and aac+.

• Stream your show live while simultaniously recording your your podcast in high quality format.

• Useful in many other situations, such as connecting to the PA system at a live event.

Here are some of the shoutcast and icecast hosting providers that we have tested with so far. Let us know what service you use backpack with and we will add it to the list..

Free Streaming Hosts

Paid Streaming Hosts